Where can i find barbara????


The remaining four girlfriends are Michelle Cannes , Barbara Schternvart , Helena Wankstein and Katie Zhan , none of whom are tied to any specific mission; they are encountered at certain locations around San Andreas. Michelle, Katie and Helena become available to date once Flint County , Whetstone and San Fierro are unlocked although Helena is first encountered in Red County , which is accessible from the start of the game, she does not appear until the second region is unlocked. Michelle is the only “optional” girlfriend who is first encountered in an indoor i. One of three activities is possible when dating: a visit to a restaurant, bar, diner or fast food place; dancing at a nightclub; driving around. Each girlfriend has her own specific tastes as to all three activities, as well as Carl’s physical appearance. After a certain number of successful dates which varies per girlfriend Carl may be invited back to her place for “coffee” i.

does anyone know how to date barbara in grand theft auto san andreas for ps2?

Barbara is the African American police woman you met in front of the police station in El Quebrados. Helena is the woman shooting off the roof of ammunation in Blueberry. Helena: Location: Go to the small town of blueberry and find ammunation. If she is there at that time, you will here her firing a gun at a target range beside ammunation up some steps. First Appearance: Because her pickup point is in the badlands, she doesnt come availabe for dating until you unlock San Fierro and the Badlands Tastes: Doesnt like much muscle or fat.

Get a nice bike and ride it up to her on the balcony and get off it to ask her for a date.

Veja grátis o arquivo GTA enviado para a disciplina de Ti Categoria: Resumo – 2 Date Barbara Keep weapons after being Wasted Date Katie Pistol, Chainsaw, like this: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\ Then go to the.

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Girlfriends in GTA San Andreas

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The Girlfriends “San Andreas” contains six girlfriends for CJ to date: Denise, Helena, Michelle, Katie, Barbara and Millie. Dating each girl offers different.

Her house next to Grove Street in Ganton. Burger Shot, diners, upscale restaurants. Minimal progress needed for Coffee:. You can push the car to the nearest garage and the doors will become unlocked. The display will be removed and the camera will start to follow and zoom into any activity going on ie. Pursuits, fights, people talking.

Grand theft auto san andreas dating

You can go out for a date with these ladies, sometimes you can go out for a meal or you can dance the night away. For each successful date you will get a reward: extra progress. There are three kind of dates: dancing, go out for a meal and go out for a drive. You can date a girlfriend only once in 24 hours. During a date you can give your girlfriend a gift to satisfy her and improve your progress with a girl.

This page contains a list of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cheats, Pimp Suit: Date Denise to %; Police Uniform: Date Barbara to %.

If you have discovered any cheat codes that you would like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it. The bug occurs near CJ’s house. I bought in the northwest of ballas territory when it comes to fighting turf, not too far from the beach and ammuNation. While fighting a turf war normally there are 3 waves, ie you survive the first wave and then the second and when you survive the third “the hood is yours”.

The trouble occurs near Jefferson’s neighborhood as you drive to a nearby drive to take territory. While standing on rooftops, I survive the first wave of attacks but as I shoot a lot of Ballas a couple of them run away from me and are noted as purple triangles and squares in the green grove street territory.

If I wander too far from the Flashing Red “contested territory” I get a message saying to “get back into the war zone”. I have stood in the war zone for 20 minutes only to just stand there with nobody coming after me, hence if I leave the war zone I don’t get to win that area because after a couple minutes I lose it. Therefore I cannot simply go way out of the warzone and chase down the enemies.

It is a glitch because there is no way to win the territory. This changes part of the character01 file.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas/Dating

Gang War Mission – Duration: Madd Carl , views. Understand how dating works.

How to all you can date barbara; keep weapon after getting busted: date katie. Looking for the game grand theft auto: san andreas shown on the game of 6.

How do you become a cop in gta san Andreas? Best Answer. Although CJ ca n’t actually become a policing officer , he can get the conferences of the parties ‘s outfit from one of his girlfriends , Barbara. She ‘s at the policing station there , in the automobile park outside. She likes CJ to have high sex appeal and high body fat contents , and although she ‘s a cop , she does n’t want to bother about him perpetrating crimes.

You can usually find Barbara at these times : Midnight to 0. Special Abilities : For dating Barbara , CJ will ‘ve got the benefit of get out jail free if arrested , and he will keep all his weapons. Other answers Total: 4 items. Iam not c youis playing the r game if you wish to be married in it. It takes 2. Top wikis. Daily Weekly Monthly. Write km using scientific notation? Is ecstasy dangerous?

Barbara Schternvart

A sandbox, action brawler from developer Rockstar North, “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” allows players to assume the role of street gang member Carl “CJ” Johnson as he attempts to find his mother’s killer. Part of the optional game play in “San Andreas” is the ability to get and keep a girlfriend. Once they have a girlfriend, players must keep them happy by giving the girls presents located around the cities of San Andreas. Dating each girl offers different advantages that begin unlocking when players get their relationship meter above 50 percent.

During the course of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there are six possible The remaining four girlfriends are Michelle Cannes, Barbara Schternvart, Helena.

Here we go again. Developer Rockstar North has delivered yet another gaming masterpiece. For fans of the entire Grand Theft Auto series, there are no disappointments and if you are new to the GTA M experience, there are also no disappointments. That being said, GTA IV is the pinnacle of the entire series — top-notch voice acting, incredible graphics, addictive game play and Oscar-caliber story makes the game attractive to old and young alike.

Although GTA IV has a M rating and parents should be very wary of buying this title for the kiddies, the game is well worth picking-up a copy for adults. Hell, I even went out and bought an Xbox just to be able to play this latest and greatest GTA title. Known for its radical and very often controversial game titles, Rockstar Games certainly has a hit on their hands this time around. After four years in development and numerous launch date setbacks, the wait has been well worth it.

Rockstar puts you into the life of Niko Bellic , a veteran of the Bosnian War. There are also achievement points for completing certain missions in certain ways. This element is one of the biggest changes in core game play, and gives Niko a chance to be good or ghastly, which in turn drives the overall outcome of the game.

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Sign In. Showing all 63 items. If you go north of the Military Base in the desert, you can find a body dump. In the graveyard in San Andreas, there is a crypt the player can enter. Inside, there’s a chair, a television set, and some old pizza boxes. This is possibly a reference to Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Ok, so Barbara lives at El Quebrados, and when I date her, she asks that she wants to to clubbing and dancing, aha I agree to take her, but.

There are two ghost towns in the game. The first is the town from The Hills Have Eyes. When exploring you will notice there is nobody there. Behind the grave yard, there is a mass grave with an old truck. The second town looks like the Alamo got blown up. In a corner in the town, there is a heat seeking missle. If you go inside Madd Dogg’s mansion and go to his recording room, you can go around the corner and see a poster of Vice City porn star “Candy Suxxx” on the wall naked.

Get a jetpak and go to the top of one of the ledges and you will see a sign saying something about easter eggs. Hint: Enter Carl’s home and turn right towards the TV. Hit the triangle when close enough and you will be playing his video game “They came from Uranus”. Go to the police station in Los Santos and through the locker room and to the showers. At the end you will find a pink weapon with two heads.

GTA San Andreas Dating 13 Barbara

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